Monday, December 22, 2008

We are becoming a family

It seems like so long ago that we updated the website. We are enjoying Guangzhou (GZ) and the warm weather. Yesterday we went with a bunch of other CCAI families on a tour around GZ. We visited the Six Banyan Pagoda and arrived just in time to have the monk's perform a blessing on all of us with the kids. I have no idea what he was chanting but it was so moving. Emily kept asking why he was dropping water on everyone's head. Nathan had to have been in a temple before because he put his hands together to pray and bowed 3 times. After the blessing, there was a procession of monks playing drums as they entered the temple. Nathan was sitting in his stroller and put his hands together in prayer. It was so amazing!

Then we got back on the tour bus and that's when poor Emily completely LOST IT. She threw the worst fit I have ever seen and screamed so loud that our tour guide and everyone on the bus stopped talking...the place went completely quiet except Emily. Everyone turned and looked at us like "what are you doing to that poor child". I told them Emily was throwing a fit and apologized. I wanted be invisible. Emily has been so good for most of the trip and being 2 1/2 she just had enough. One thing with adopting Nathan, we have noticed just how much we have endulged Emily in a lot of ways...just like any other only child. Now with Nathan, things that she used to be able to get away with, or our ability to quickly redirect her has changed. We no longer have a single focus on her and the chance to catch her behavior before it escalates.

Nathan is such a mild mannered boy but is starting to come out of his "angel" phase. Still he is so well behaved and such a funny kid. He has a great sense of humor and even with my limited Chinese, we seem to communicate just fine. He and Emily are so funny together. If Emily is doing something he thinks she shouldn't, he says "mama..mei mei". Meaning hey Mom look what little sister is doing. It's just funny. They really play well together figuring they only met last week and have been in the same room 24/7 since. I am proud of our little family and can't wait to get home!