Thursday, December 18, 2008

From the Proud Dad

It is hard to know what to write since so much has happened in the past few days. I a proud of Emily she has been amazing. From the time we got to China until now she seems to have grown up right before our eyes. She seems to understand the importance of her role in this journey. Emily seems to already have a connection with Nathan if he starts crying she comes over to see if she can help and then comforts him. They are playing together and act like normal brothers and sisters which is sometimes good and sometimes interesting. Nathan's first kiss was for Emily. They were both sitting on my lap and he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. I am not sure who was more shocked Emily or me. The second day I was attacked by two toddlers and we got into a tickle fight. It was great to hear such deep laughter from those two. Nathan is attaching to both Julie and me. It is a great feeling to get that hug and realize that he is feeling safe and secure. I love watching him discover new things and how he reacts to them. He gets the biggest grin when he sees something new or figures something out. We took a bullet train from Tianjin to Beijing and he just got the biggest kick out of watching the countryside go by. He loved sliding on the marble floor of the train station...Julie wasn't thrilled at all since she was the one holding him at the time. That was pay back for the Great Wall since I had Emily sliding on the ice and it was me that was worried about falling on my backside. Nathan had a tough time when we got to Beijing. He is having trouble with adjusting to change. I was worried about the move to Guangzhou but he is now making the adjustment after one day. The sleeping arrangements were challenging last night we were all in a king bed so we could get a bigger room. We moved a mattress in from Julie's parents room so we should be able to get a good night sleep. Last night was the first night Emily slept all night which was great. It is amazing how well the family is growing together. I think about Gracie Cork and how well she adjusted and hoping before we got here we would be that lucky and we are.