Monday, December 22, 2008

Dad's Turn

I have had a great time with the unofficial Blog. It is nice however to see Julie Blogging again and realize just how amazing this experience is and watch the joy in Julie's face as she tells our story. Last night we went out after the kids fell asleep Julie's parents are in an adjoining room so they listened for the kids. We just walked around stopping at Starbucks for me and 7 11 for Julie. We were both so tired and sore it wasn't much of a walk. The kids have been waking up at about 6:30 each morning and I have been taking them down for breakfast to give Julie a chance to sleep in a little while. It would never have worked last week I would have been a crazy man attempting to take both kids to breakfast. It is funny to watch them just sit and wait to get their food. The trick I have found is getting the exact same items on each plate. I found out this morning that Nathan loves eggs boiled or scrambled.

We did a family day out today we just strolled around the island and ate lunch at Lucy's. I had to go to the bank to exchange money and right before our number came up Nathan announced that he had to go to the bathroom so off we went. When we got back we were now 6th in line to get the cash. Julie in the mean time was in a panic trying to figure out where we had gone since it took us about an hour to get the cash. Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo and to the Embassy in the afternoon. Julie's parents have been a great help with the kids. They have been taking in the sites. Today they went to Pearl Market and Pat ended up buying a pearl necklace and then Jim told her he had bought one for her for Christmas. He's going to take the one he bought her back. You can't beat getting them local.