Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet Nathan!!

We went to the orphanage today and received Nathan. They brought him into the office and they said "ta shi mama" (she is mommy) and pointed to me. He came and calmly sat on my lap and looked at me. He is SO TINY!! He is only maybe an inch taller than Emily and only weighs a little more. He is so quiet. He understands Chinese from our guide but cannot clearly be understood when he speaks Chinese. Yesterday when it was time for his nap, he cried himself to sleep while I rocked him and sang the Two Tigers Song. Turns out the only song I know by heart is one of his favorites! He finally fell asleep after 20 minutes fully clothed complete with his socks on. I managed to take his socks off when he fell asleep but as soon as he woke up he cried to have them put back on.

We are so proud of Emily. When they first brought in Nathan, Emily said "Oh, there's Nathan!" She went right up to him and wanted to play with him. Grandma and Grandpa gave him a little Magnadoodle. Emily went up to him and showed him how to use it and then how to swipe the picture clear. AMAZING. Yesterday afternoon they kinda got into a little shoving match because Emily touched his car (his comfort object) and he shoved her. Just a little not hard at all but that got Emily's stubborn side up and she threw a fit. We are so glad she came with us to meet her brother. I had major doubts earlier in the trip but now I am so thankful that they have this time together.